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Solar lighting solar systems is one of the most widely used field. Solar energy from the Sun during the day lighting battery storage and night automatically works with the logic of the introduction of lighting. It is difficult to withdraw from areas of the energy line that is used as the preferred lighting system Max. The system works automatically without the need for any extra attention can all brighten at points.


Hizmark Group, solar lighting has become the leading companies in Turkey and our work in this area is increasing rapidly.

Hizmark's offer:

Project planning and preparation process:

• Determination of the area of application
• Custom lighting accounts needs to be done
• Calculation of the area sunbathing time
• Determination of the appropriate storage system is the need of the region
• Selecting the appropriate fixtures and LED lighting Project


Project Description:

• Preparation of all the technical drawing
• Preparation of the list of materials
• The contracts done


The Project's Implementation:

• Space management, material logistics, storage and security
• Fittings, charge controller, panels, lighting pole, battery connections and Setup needs to be done


The Project Suitable Places:

• Municipalities
• Sites
• Holiday villages
• Hotels
• Some external lighting
• Universities and schools (private schools)
• Military
• Roads
• Airports
• Train stations
• Disaster gathered districts
• Parks and gardens
• Concert areas
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