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Hizmark, PV power plants outside the individual or smaller diameter of solar power öztüketim predominantly provides for the use of products and services.

Our main products and services group:

Individual energy products:

• Cell phone/tablet information
• Lighting
• Radio & Multimedia


This product group are used in individual consumption of solar energy products. For example, mobile phone or tablet, charging, providing a few light bulbs power lighting, music that you can listen mains like who else but quagmire without just the Sun's energy stores for use in batteries within moments.


Home type of basic energy products:

• 500W-3kW systems of household electrical devices will run between

This product is a need for electricity from solar energy equipment in the House aiming system. Battery, inverter, charger regulator, as well as all components are collected in one box. The main areas of lighting, refrigerator, washing machine/dish washer, TV, and computer products. Use a room according to the basic requirements of an entire House starting to meet the different forces at work. This product group is one of the most important and distinctive feature of the world's leading battery manufacturer BYD is the use of a new generation of iron produced by the battery. This battery can be reached in a 15-year lifetime through.


Comprehensive self consumption systems:

• Battery operated systems
• Grid-connected systems

Living areas, businesses, farms, production centres, etc. be able to meet all its energy needs from solar energy fields in project-based systems. Electricity according to the pv panel and battery size and quantity are determined by the installation in the event of the customer's request, the appropriate field for a system planning and Setup is performed.

These systems are off-grid electricity from solar energy storage and only here can be in the form of use, if you have the possibility of connecting the battery and storage without the use of double transposition to the grid of electricity generated from the Sun with the counter methods and may be in the form of the mahsuplaş at the end of the month here.

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