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        O&M maintenance and repair services, Hizmark As what we offer;


• Hizmark, PV power plants operation and maintenance services for all O&M the biggest solar energy firm offers together with Solarpro.
• SCADA monitoring system, video monitoring, energy accounting, technical protection and repair tools, PV panel cleaning and maintenance of PV power plants running on land.


System Monitoring:
• Ongoing system performance audit
• Data collection
• Power profile analysis
• Reporting


 Preventive Maintenance:
• Preventive maintenance planning
• Technical protective services
• Reporting of Maintenance Service
• The search for performance improvement opportunities
• Action and maintenance logs


 Corrective Maintenance & Troubleshooting;
• Diagnostics and locate
• Emergency repairs
• Main repairs
• Optimization of System repair


 Other System Services;
• Calibration of test and Measurement instruments
• PV panel cleaning
• Land care
• O&M service contract monitoring, alerting, analysis and reporting is included.


Hizmark O&M is served by the SCADA system;
• Large scale grid-connected PV power plants under the guidance and control of a remote surveillance solution that can be used to
• Open the data base with all 3. party software is a standard system compatible with the interfaces
• User-specific setting is a web-based system that allows login with
• Solar power plants in the action email, SMS and alarm on the screen as a
• Performance analysis, trend and creates graphics and reports in a table format
• Review and action planning to make the desired information can be easily removed with providing easy-to-use features
• The information from the SCADA master server as they collect and file data base safe.
• Server also field devices in the event of errors in the functioning of the power plant surveillance and fault alarm can be used to retrieve.


Video with Remote Surveillance:
Except for the security on the field with remote surveillance 24 hours video O&M Hizmark. Check your remote that solar power plant is the easiest way of surveillance. Video with remote surveillance solutions available with computer or smart phone.


PV panel cleaning and maintenance of the land;
Hizmark O&M panel uses high-efficiency washing machine for cleaning. Our technology is very rapid, effective and competitive. Washing machine is non-contact and suitable for all types of PV panels.


Energy Foresight
Solar PV power plants for energy in high accuracy, predicts, and energy management and environment-friendly, we can give you customized solutions for certificates. With our system, weather forecasting models foresee the past production and measurement data. This data is stored in the Energy Management System.
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