Hizmark Group since 2004 have solar powered lighting and general lighting in

Energy-efficient solutions in order to offer special customer expectations on behalf of many r & d

And many projects preferred products list products used as successful.

Projelerimizdeki the main purpose of the customers ' expectations and it is our goal to provide project-specific solutions.

Project-specific solutions in addition to undertaking firm BYD in Turkey distributor MBTs to kind of different products and

We offer for sale on the market in Turkey, now many products is higher than the number in our stock offering.


Project Name;

• Determination of customer demand
• Detection of products used
• Notification of the process of the preparation of the average project
• Determination of the severity of Lighting


Determination Of The Project Process;

• The preparation process
• Determination of the appropriate product to the project
• Preparation of the feasibility
• Testing compliance of products to be used


Presenting To The Customer;

• Customer Fizibilitenin
• LED lighting demonstration Energy earnings ratio when
• The suitability of the duration of the Depreciated
• Recommended products should be shown as a sample, if necessary in conjunction with the severity of the occurrence of the adequacy of lighting should be left for the purpose of
• The project approval is taken


Check Phase;

• Products presented as one of the properties summary
• Customer notification delivery time of products with the approval
• On-time delivery of products



• AVMs
• Hospitals
• Sites
• Public Offices
• Construction Companies
• Architecture Offices
• Houses
• Offices


In short, we're everywhere that lighting. Available used energy-saving bulbs contains harmful elements and electromagnetic wave emitted by the necessity to observe in order to check out the LED.

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