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Hizmark Group, in 2004, Alternative energy and energy efficiency was established to operate the field.

The leading companies in Turkey in the solar energy application Hizmark Group, the country's economy is too large for this sector that will contribute to the dissemination of trade fairs, seminars, congresses and has taken an active role in non-governmental organizations. In this context, Turkey is running on the application of solar energy in the non-governmental organization, GENSED-solar energy manufacturers and Industry Association has been one of the founding members of the first. 

Hizmark Group, in order to be able to use more efficient energy sources, energy efficiency products in the field of LED lighting is also carries out its activities. Hizmark Group, since 2004 thanks to domestic and overseas missions, began solar energy and LED lighting systems in the industry to be much more active and has an extensive dealer network. 

Our products are at the same time, many are sold under the brand name E-sales site Hizmark. 

Energy resources are rapidly running out in a world where we say ' come on, let's use our energy efficient, clean and it will happen in the future by using the Sun's energy in a world together

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. '-Solar PV Turnkey Installation Solutions
-Solar PV Module Sales

-Manufacturing and installation of Solar PV Construction
-Solar PV Engineering
-Solar PV Off-Grid Systems

-Solar PV On-Grid Systems
-Solar Lighting
-LED Lighting

-BYD Turkey Distributor
-You can use the energy of the

EPC Partner SunEnergy Gmbh AlmanyaGüneş and investments that vary according to your demand for turnkey development and installation service as long as the supply of PV Panel to an existing project.

You use the remote agricultural areas from accessing the generator use, instead of mid-and large-sized down to the prompts of solar energy solar power used for the provision of energy efficiency öztüketim, whether it is sold to the State grid will be given a good return on capital to be taken on behalf of all of the products and services, please consult our experts Hizmark Sola

r. Increasing electricity costs, declining solar prices, when you or your own roof garden, the transfer of solar energy you produce on your network factors such as household solar energy systems began to make popular.

Non-remote network or no fields, power failures for zones that are experiencing produces and stores the energy from solar energy home energy systems are no longer accurate and clean solution.

Camping areas, open space in social activities, nature, Habitat, from the city to a remote village in your homes with different sizes and storage facilities close to power now than ever before.

The number of individuals living in the home you have requested, and used equipment and electricity demand, according to the most appropriate system for you, please consult our Home E

nergy experts Hizmark. Energy efficiency and, more importantly, human health no longer fore and user awareness of the development of Led lighting is now replaced by the closure of the serious way in our lives.

Indoor spot light from your ceiling lightings that you added; exterior the industry and field areas ranging from the street, and even solar lighting has reached up to create a wide range of Led lighting products, and energy savings, as well as mercury, UV rays, infrared rays and carbon emission, such as our health we do not notice the damage factors for us.

Lighting for both businesses and Government agencies is a major expenditure to fields (such as hotels, hospitals, factories, roads and highway lighting) for energy-saving Led lighting very important information about our products and special project requests, please consult our experts Hizmark Led.

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